Law Firm Diversity: How to Recruit and Retain Diverse Talent

The lack of diversity in the legal profession is not a new problem. Unfortunately, the crisis has existed for decades. What is new, however, is that the problem seems to be worsening. According the ABA, African American attorneys are losing ground in BigLaw. The situation is so dire that some law firms have no partners or associates of color. Despite these facts (or perhaps because of them), many law firms want to diversify their firms. But the desire to diversify – without more – will not crea

Law Firm Affinity Groups: A Key Resource for Attorneys and Firms

As this blog has often stated, the legal profession lacks diversity. While the diversity problem affects all sectors of the profession, the situation is particularly bad in large law firms (a.k.a. “BigLaw”). According to all available data, African American attorneys are leaving BigLaw in droves. Law firms are using a new tool to counter this trend: affinity groups. Law firm affinity groups provide attorneys and firms with resources to recruit and retain diverse attorneys. Affinity groups (some

African American Pioneers in the Legal Profession: A Black History Month Tribute

Each February, Americans celebrate Black History Month. Since the beginning, African Americans have worked, written, sung, struggled, marched, painted, invented, and done many other things in the hopes of making America a truly great nation for all its citizens. But despite our many contributions, most Americans know little about Black History. Sadly, the same is true for African American pioneers in the legal profession. As this blog has often mentioned, the legal profession lacks diversity. E

Can Blind Hiring Reduce Bias in Legal Recruiting?

As previously written on this blog, the legal profession struggles with diversity.  Though savvy recruiters are trying to find creative ways to find talented attorneys of color, experts warn that simply expanding the recruitment process may not be enough to diversify the profession.  Some recommend that recruiters take additional steps to eliminate bias from the hiring process.  One of those steps is blind hiring.   This post will explain what blind hiring is and how it may benefit attorneys of

Most Popular Cities and Practice Areas for Black Attorneys

It’s no secret that the legal profession continues to struggle with racial diversity. Sadly, it’s still far too common for Black attorneys to be “the only one” in the courtroom, at a conference, or even at a firm.  But despite the struggles, Black attorneys have persevered.  We practice in several areas and in many cities.  This entry will highlight the most popular cities and practice areas for Black attorneys. Knowing where to find Black lawyers matters for several reasons.  It matters to the

Best Practices for Recruiting African American Attorneys

Diversity in the legal profession often proceeds in a “one step forward, two steps back” fashion.  Over the past few decades, the number of students of color in American law schools has steadily increased.  Though one would expect that a more diverse applicant pool would translate into a more diverse legal workforce, legal employers – particularly law firms – continue to struggle with diversity.  But as more law firms recognize the benefits of diversity, they are looking for creative ways to rec

The Stress of the Legal Profession: A Guide for Black Attorneys

It’s often said that the holidays are the most stressful time of the year.  If this is true, any lawyer should be well-prepared to handle whatever the holidays bring.  Law is one of the most stressful professions in America.  While all attorneys experience stress, life as an African American attorney presents additional challenges.  This post will examine the stressful nature of the legal profession, the hardships faced by Black attorneys, and tips for coping with the stress of the legal prof