Law Firm Affinity Groups: A Key Resource for Attorneys and Firms

As this blog has often stated, the legal profession lacks diversity. While the diversity problem affects all sectors of the profession, the situation is particularly bad in large law firms (a.k.a. “BigLaw”). According to all available data, African American attorneys are leaving BigLaw in droves. Law firms are using a new tool to counter this trend: affinity groups. Law firm affinity groups provide attorneys and firms with resources to recruit and retain diverse attorneys. Affinity groups (some

Judicial Clerkships: A Guide for African American Law Students

From the moment you enter law school, you must begin planning your career. While today’s law students have a variety of career options, too few students consider clerking after law school. Some students don’t understand the benefits of clerking. Others know the benefits, but believe they are unqualified. This post will explain the benefits of judicial clerkships and why law students – particularly African American law students – should consider applying for them. Judges hand down hundreds of de

Why Working During Your 1L Summer Boosts Your Career

The warm rays and lazy days of summer may seem far away to most, but law students must begin planning for the summer now. While few law students plan to spend the summer lounging on the beach, some students think summer school is the way to go. While the chance to save money or graduate earlier may appeal to you, resist it. Unless you have extraordinary circumstances, taking a job or internship is a much better choice for your career. This post will explain how working during your 1L summer help

Money-Saving Tips for Solos and Small Firms

Starting your own law firm can be exhilarating. Helping clients obtain justice can be rewarding. But at the end of the day, a law firm is a business and running a business costs money. To succeed, solos and smalls must manage their funds. This post provides money-saving tips for solos and small firms. All law firms must carefully control their finances. But African American attorneys must be particularly careful. Though African Americans are more likely to enter solo practice than other races,

Mentoring: Why You Need It and How to Get It | Legal Profession

The legal profession demands a level of time and devotion that can stress even the calmest person. Moreover, African American attorneys face many challenges that make succeeding in the profession an even more stressful proposition. A mentor can help new (and seasoned) attorneys navigate the profession with less stress. While the legal profession should do more to provide mentoring for African American attorneys, there are some things Black lawyers can do to help themselves. Read on to learn why

5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Firm

The end of December often causes us to make or renew promises to stop bad habits, lose weight, spend more time with family, or otherwise be better. But as you make New Year’s resolutions for your personal life, don’t forget you may need to make changes in your business life as well. For most solo or small firms, growth is usually the greatest priority. Here are a few simple steps you can take to grow your firm in 2019 and beyond. While the old-fashioned referral is still the most popular way fo

Most Popular Cities and Practice Areas for Black Attorneys

It’s no secret that the legal profession continues to struggle with racial diversity. Sadly, it’s still far too common for Black attorneys to be “the only one” in the courtroom, at a conference, or even at a firm.  But despite the struggles, Black attorneys have persevered.  We practice in several areas and in many cities.  This entry will highlight the most popular cities and practice areas for Black attorneys. Knowing where to find Black lawyers matters for several reasons.  It matters to the

The Stress of the Legal Profession: A Guide for Black Attorneys

It’s often said that the holidays are the most stressful time of the year.  If this is true, any lawyer should be well-prepared to handle whatever the holidays bring.  Law is one of the most stressful professions in America.  While all attorneys experience stress, life as an African American attorney presents additional challenges.  This post will examine the stressful nature of the legal profession, the hardships faced by Black attorneys, and tips for coping with the stress of the legal prof

Becoming a Law Professor: A Guide for Black Applicants

If you’re a lawyer, you’ve clearly met a few law professors.  You may have even considered becoming a professor yourself.  Nevertheless, you may not know how or where to begin the process of becoming a law professor.  This entry will provide some direction.  It will provide valuable tips for African-American applicants as they navigate the process of becoming a law professor. Researchers recently found that African American K-12 students excel in classrooms lead by teachers of color.  Surprisin

Advice for New Black Attorneys

At this time of year, those who graduated from law school in May are anxiously anticipating two things: getting their bar results and starting their new jobs.  Law school is an excellent training ground, but even the best law schools can’t fully prepare you for the reality of legal practice.  The realities of this profession are even more stark for attorneys of color.  To guide you as you begin your career, consider this advice for new Black attorneys. Before we begin, note that most the advice